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Happy Holidays from the Brightest Bunch in the Germantown area: Bright House Kids!!

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We have few openings available for immediate enrollment.
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Welcome to the Bright House Family Child Care. 

Our Mission is to provide a quality child care program that supports families success in our diverse community. 
We promote creativity, excitement, and respect for all. 
 We embrace honesty, trust, respect, communication, learning, and fun in a safe, healthy, and loving environment.
Please feel free to look around. All the information you need is available under other posts.

Thank you.  


Up-coming Events:

Center will be Closed on Monday September 2 for Labor Day.

 September Birthdays:

September 12 - Gavin C.

September 15 - Nico R.

September 22 - Rashan A.


Parent Handout

Please note that following information is for your information only. Bright House Family Care and its staff reserve the right to change any information given here without a prior notice. Also, please note that this is not a legally binding contract.

 - Curriculum -

Play is the way children learn. 

Children shall be actively involved in developmentally appropriate activities at all times in order to meet their social, emotional, physical, intellectual and open ended creative experience needs. During the day the children shall have an opportunity to experience activities in the following areas:

Cognitive: reading, math, science, and language (including a monthly cooking experience)

Social & emotional: team play, role play

Physical: large and small muscle activities

Creative: art, music, movement, language, and writing.

These activities are available for children at least 50% of the day


Water play

Outdoor Activities is very essential to the health, education and development of children. The children will go out twice a day except in severe weather. Therefore, they should have boots, hats, mittens, raincoats, etc. All articles should be washable and sturdy with play clothes that will allow for active play. Please make sure to provide extra clothes labeled with your child’s name to the center.



Close communication is important if we are to provide the best possible experiences for your child. We welcome your question and suggestions and hope you will share yourselves and your talents with us.


Health standards

In order to protect your child and the other children in our family daycare center, we have established the following guidelines on illnesses. If at any time we feel that a child is sick or contagious, you will be notified promptly so that your child can receive proper medical care. A child may not be readmitted to the family center until 24 hours after the last signs of an illness.



The family care center personnel cannot administer any medication (including over the counter medicine, sunscreen and vitamins) to a child unless we have a written authorization from the child’s physician for each medication which states: name of the child, name of the medication, dosage, times it is to be given, and the signature of the physician.


First Aid / Emergencies

We are trained in first aid and infant/child CPR by the American Red Cross. In case of emergencies requiring immediate medical attention, your child will be taken to the nearest hospital or emergency room and you will be notified by phone.



Dress your child comfortably for active play. We go out every day. Dress your child according to the weather. Boots are needed for snow and wet muddy days. Hats, mittens, scarves, sweaters and boots as well as all larger possessions must be marked clearly with your child’s name.


Personal toys

The bringing of personal items should be kept to a minimum. A favorite nap time toy will be allowed.

More information for Parents


Family child care center is not providing breakfast or lunch daily. In case of emergency I will provide breakfast and/or Lunch. The Lunch and breakfast must consist of nutritious foods. We will not serve soda or kool-aid or any other sugary drinks for meal periods. Therefore, please don’t send these items in your child’s lunch box. If you do so, the items will be returned. If you wish your child to have a hot lunch please let me know at the arrival or send me a note with the lunch.


On Fridays, the center will provide breakfast, lunch, and snacks.  


The center provides Morning and afternoon snack including fruit, yogurt, vegetables, bread, milk, water, or orange juice .Please notify us if your child is allergic to any food. All food allergies must be documented by a physician.


Rest time (Nap)

It is the responsibility of the parent to provide a pillow and a sheet for your child. Nap items be clearly marked with your child’s name and these items must be taken home at the end of the week to wash and returned to the center on Monday.


Field Trips

The Bright House family day care may includes activities such as Neighborhood walks, going to parks, and other off site activities. The trips may involve transportation of children in a vehicle owned and driven by a provider. In order for your child to participate in field trips, permission must be given by signing the field trip permission paper.



The Bright House Family Care will be closed on the following days:

New Year’s Day

Independence Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day and day after: December 25 and 26

If providers are available, child care will be provided upon request on Saturdays and Sundays for an extra fee. Please let us know at least 3 days in advance. Please see the fee schedule.



Once a month, we will do cooking with children including making cookies, cupcakes, pizza (healthy way,) sandwiches, and fresh fruit juices. We will send you a permission slip home in your child’s folder.



We will have experienced and CPR/First aid certified substitute if necessary. When center has five or more kids, we will have two providers at a time.

Sign in and Sign out

I will provide a sign in and out sheet. Please make sure to sign the sheet every day.


Verification of legal custody

We must have a copy of the court order recognizing the parent who has legal custody of the child, as well as visitation schedules. Otherwise we have no choice except to release the child to his/her parent.

The telephone lines are always open to any concerns or questions you may have. Please feel free to call us any time at 301-916-0610 or 509 846-4714. Please keep in mind there may be times when it is not possible for me to run to the phone (diaper changing, bottle feeding, etc.) If the phone goes unanswered, please do not become alarmed, simply leave me a voice mail and I will call you as soon as I am able to.

I am looking forward to working with you!

Tentative Daily schedule

Hours of Operation: 6:30 am – 6:30 pm


Tentative Daily schedule

06.30 am       Arrival/ free play

07.30 am       Clean up/ Wash hands

07.45 am       Breakfast

08.30 am       Reading/Leaving to School

09.00am        Art

09.30 am       Music

10.00 am       Morning snack (provided by Bright House)

10.30 am       Writing letters and numbers

11.00 am       Outside play

12 noon         Wash hands

12.05 pm       Lunch

01.00 pm       Nap time/quite play or reading

02.45 pm       Wash hands and snack set up

03.00 pm       Snack (provided by family care center)

03.15 pm       Snack

04.00 pm       Story time

04.30 pm       Free time

05.00 pm       Outside play

06.15 pm       Clean up /wash hands

06.30 pm       Departure



When enrolling, you must sign the billing and registration agreement form. You can pay either by checks or cash. You need to pay the first day of each week. You still need to pay for the entire week for weeks include holidays.  If you want to withdraw your child from the center please inform the center two weeks prior to the dis-enrollment. Please note that you are paying for the slot, not per hour or day.

There is no Registration fee at Bright 
House. For the weekly rates, please call us 
or stop at our location.

There are no refunds in fees for absences due to a child's illness or any other reason. There will be a $25.00 charge for all Checks returned NSF plus any additional charges incurred to the Center and/or by the bank

Contact Us

Address: Map

21211 Seneca Crossing Drive

Germantown, MD 20876

Voice: 301-515-9601
Voice/Text: 509- 846-4714


Please note that following forms are needed at the time of enrollment. It is the State requirement and cannot be wave under any circumstances.

Emergency contact form should be updated annually. If the information remains same, you can update the form by initialing at the bottom.

Thank you.

Medical Inventory form is available Here

Emergency Contact Form is available Here

Clicking this links will take you to the State website. You need the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your computer. If the link didn't work, please let us know.

Photo Galary


Please visit the photo galley at our website

for a lot more adorable poses.

Halloween 2012

Halloween 2013

SIDS Statement

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Parent - Center Agreement

Parent - Center Agreement

Bright House Family Child Care – Parent Agreement

This daycare is a State and County licensed daycare home. We meet with safety, health and nutritional standards. We provide a substitute on occasions when it is necessary. Please understand that you will need to have a back-up sitter in case of emergency and we are not able to care for your children.

Days and Hours: As of now, we are open Monday through Friday, 6:30 am through 6:30 pm. Please notify us the approximate time you are going to drop off and the time you are going to pick-up your child. Also, please notify me if you are not going to be here or if your child will be late.

We provide snacks twice a day. In case of an emergency, breakfast and/or lunch could be provided at extra charge to you. No gum or hard candy. They will be taken away.
Safety: My first concern is the safety and wellbeing of the children. We have socket covers, safety gates, smoke detectors, and hold fire drills with the kids. The yard is fenced and we keep the gate closed at all times. This is for the safety of your child as well as other kids under our care. The kids are not allowed outside the fence or outside our front door unless you are with them. Please do not have your child go outside the door (not even to your vehicle) without you.

It is impossible to assure you that no child will ever be injured in childcare; however, we do attempt to keep the children as safe as possible. If any accident or emergency does occur, you will cover the expense.

Illness: The State Law requires that you provide documentation of your child's immunization. We are not to take sick or contagious children. If the child is contagious or sick the day before or show signs of any illness, you should use good judgment in bringing your child to daycare. Please keep them home if they are throwing up, have diarrhea, or have a high fever. If your child becomes sick during the day, you will be expected to pick them up. It is not fair to other families, to have sick children in daycare.

Medication: No medication will be administered without consent (see parent handbook). Provide us with a note for the prescribed medication with the times to be given. Please do not leave medication in the diaper bag or somewhere else. Make sure we get it.

Supplies: (that can be left here). Diapers, baby wipes, potty training diapers, a blanket for nap, and a change of clothes. Please mark your child's name on all supplies. Bring child appropriately dressed for the day. Bring extra clothes for a change in weather.

Discipline: We maintain certain rules in our daycare: i.e., no running, no jumping on furniture etc. If discipline becomes a problem, we will ask you to remove your child from our daycare. We feel discipline is necessary in childcare and forms of discipline will be discussed with you and your methods of discipline will be placed on the registration form.
We are closed some holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and the day after.

Rates: Please see the parent handbook for current rates. We have weekly rates, not daily. You are charged even if your child is not here, with the exception of prearranged vacation time. You are also charged for holidays that we are closed. Contract fees are due even in the event that center is forced to closed due to an emergency condition which is beyond our control.

Extra Charges that can be charged at our discretion: You will pay for all extra activities. There is a charge of $5.00 every five minutes you are late picking up your child, to be paid with next weeks’ normal payment. A $5.00 per day will be charged for late payments. A $25.00 fee will be charged on returned checks and only cash will be accepted thereafter, and you will pay all our fees if it causes us to have bounced checks. Accounts that are 30 days late will be sent to collection. There will be a review of all charges and you will be notified of any changes at least four weeks in advance.

Payment: Payment is due on Mondays. If you are not going to be here, please pay on Friday the week before. We also require a two week notice prior to removal of your child (three week notice if more than one child) from center. If advance notice is not given, the parent will be obligated to pay 2 weeks fee from the date written notice is given.

We are looking forward to a good working relationship with all our children and their parents. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and we will do our best to work with you and make your child's experience in our care a happy one.

I have read and understand these policies.

Please circle your child’s attending days and schedule:

Mon      Tue        Wed      Thu        Fri     Full day      Half day        From ................ To ..................       

Fee: $______.00 (Subject to change with 2 weeks advance notice from the Child Care Center)

Effective dates of this contract: From: ……………………………… To: ……………………………..

Parent Signature: __________________________________ Date: _____________________

Family Care Provider: _______________________________ Date: _____________________